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Save blue saberforge lightsaber to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Items in search results. Ultrasabers Aeon V4 Lightsaber Hilt arctic blue stunt saber. Pre-Owned. $ FAST 'N FREE. Buy It Now. Guaranteed by Thu, Apr. Free Shipping. 15 Watching. Calling all lightsaber enthusiasts, SaberSourcing is looking to diversify and expand our lightsaber content in order to better inform and serve the custom saber community. have never been duel worthy, and may never be duel worthy in the future. Lightsaber enthusiasts. Continue reading. The Custom Saber Shop Blade Plug Review 1 inch Hilt. Welcome to /r/lightsabers. This sub is dedicated to everything lightsabers. Feel free to post anything regarding lightsabers. For Designs to finished products, Hilts to accessory items, it can be discussed here. Here is an imgur link to the current photos included in the banner. If you would like a photo included on the banner, message the mods. SaberForge | Art of the combat saber – Saber Forge. Art of the combat saber For over 10 years SaberForge has been producing high quality LED sabers made for full contact dueling. What started as a one man operation, has grown into a team of talented .

For over 10 years SaberForge has been producing high quality LED sabers made for full contact dueling. What started as a one man operation, has grown into a team of talented machinists, assembers, and support staff. Now the largest saber production company in the USA, we are committed to achieving our goal of perfecting the art of the saber. All assembled sabers come with a year warranty covering any defects and saber dueling. Our machined parts come with a lifetime warranty. Choose your own individual Saber Parts. Then, let us professionally assemble and install them for you. Two Teenagers' Saberforge Shenanigans How do you know the difference between an Ultrasabers Arctic Blue lightsaber duwl and an Ultrasabers Guardian Blue lightsaber blade? Here are a few tips on how you can tell the difference between Arctic Blue and Guardian Blue. Guardian Blue is a darker shade de jogos para chat 222 blue than Arctic Blue. A rctic Blue is a lighter blue and arctic blue lightsaber saberforge duel bit more whitish. But it can still be hard to know which shade of blue you have if you only have one Ultrasabers lightsaber. Remove the blade from the saber and shine the LED libhtsaber on the floor or the wall.

Obi Wan Lightsaber, Star Wars Light Saber, Cosplay Weapons, Deep Blue, . Saber Parts Lightsaber I have constructed my saber, and the crystal is Arctic Blue . an innovative threaded blade tip that prevents tips from flying off while dueling. Results 1 - 47 of 47 saberforge lightsaber Archon12 Color 3 Font 3 Volume W/ Burnt Bronze Cerakote customizations include 32" saberforge heavy grade duelling blade. .. The LED blade colors include white, arctic, light blue, medium blue. Saber Forge Review of their custom sparring grade Lightsabers. your chosen blade colour), and a heavy-grade dueling blade – come included in the price for . Our SaberForge exclusive single color module. Perfect for DIY saber builders looking for the brightest LED on the market. mm MCPCB star with either 2x or . Ultra Sabers makes lightsabers specifically for dueling, not only do to choose from a variety of blade colors, including colors like silver and.

The cheap ones produce a blade that's noticeably tapered. Lightsabruh Offline New Member Posts: 3. I would recommend that you demand the lightsabre Create an account. There are pros and cons to both options. OvrcAHst wrote: Nice addition and a quick one toogood to see you made your choice with your replacement or secondary Hilt. more information radio 3 net muzica lautareasca live Feb 12,  · If the light is a solid blue, then your lightsaber is Guardian Blue. Guardian Blue is a single diode LED. If the light looks blue with some green light mixed in, then your lightsaber is Arctic . These are Blazing Red, Fire Orange, Adegan Silver, Sentinel Yellow, Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Ruby Red, Arctic Blue, Violet Amethyst, Fuscia Pink, and Sunriders Destiny Cyan. *There is an exception to this, the Kylo Ren Cross Lightsaber and the Darth Maul Lightsaber /5(8). Welcome to /r/lightsabers, the one and only official subreddit dedicated to everything lightsabers. Feel free to post anything regarding lightsabers, be it a sink tube or a camera flashgun. From STL renders .

Review Saberforge Eco Saber Review self. I finally got my Saberforge Eco Saber and I gotta say, for the price point, this is honestly a great deal. Build: First off, the build quality seems solid for the most part.

The hilt is slim, which is what I've enjoyed from my previous Saberforge dueling hilt, feels great in the hand, light and balanced even with the blade in. Nothing seems cheap until you get to the wrap and pommel. The wrapping seems a bit cheap and has some stray strings but it does feel comfortable in hand.

When you get to the pommel though, that's where you notice a bit of a compromise. My dueling saber from SF has a solid metal pommel with a grill design incase you want to installing a speaker and electronics. As far as the Eco saber, it seems more of a pommel ring with a cheap wire grill. When I first tried to turn it on I didn't really know how so I unscrewed the pommel and the wire grill fell out.

Operation: This leads to another con in my eyes, there's no goddamn instructions on how to operate it. I had to search SF's YouTube overview video on how to turn it on. Also, when you take it out of deep sleep mode it defaults to mute mode so after trying it out later I thought it was busted but turns out when you take it out of deep sleep mode it's on mute.

Sound: Cheese and rice this thing is loud. Since I get home late I'm not able to really mess with it outside the confines of my car but this thing has some volume on it. Also, because the pommel has a crappy wire grill instead of a full on metal grill, that could be why it sounds so loud.

The audio is great, nice effects for clashing, ignition, powering down, and blaster deflection. Light: This thing is so bright! It's able to illuminate my car and darkened office and the looks like it diffuses easily along the blade.

I plan on comparing the brightness on my sabers this weekend when it's slow I'm the office but so the Eco seems to be on top. Sorry if not able to give better comparisons on sound fonts, lights, etc. Honestly I recommend these Eco sabers to anyone who wants an inexpensive full feature saber for cosplay or looking to get started. Just for future reference, controls can be found on this page.

Stumbled across it while trying to figure out if I should buy one. Great review! Thanks for the review. Can I ask what soundfont yours came with? When I get some time tonight I can get you an answer. I believe the SF site notes the fonts are tied to the colors. If I'm hearing the setting right it's Saberforge viridian sound font. And my color is green. Thanks for the review! I've seen complaints about the company in the past about the threading being too small that could cause it to break. How is that on the eco saber?

Is the pommel interchangeable with your other SF pommel? Would you say the operation turning on is cumbersome having to go through so many steps or it's just a matter of adjusting it to your settings? What triggers deep sleep mode? Sorry for all the questions. Appreciate the review and detail. Hoping this is a great cost-effective entry level saber for me and my boy. The threading on the pommel seems small, as for the blade retention it looks like all other hilts I've gotten.

I won't really know until I go through repeated screwing of the parts. I lightly dueled with it for a bit and it feels solid and the electronics don't seem to be moving around though I'm definitely keeping the dueling on the light side. The pommel is not interchangeable with any of existing dueling hilts including my grab bags SF hilt. Turning on isn't as cumbersome once you get use to it. Muting make sense now that I found instructions. What's nice is that my hilt just automatically went into sleep mode after sitting idle for a few minutes, maybe 5 at most.

I really think this is a great cost effective entry point to full feature sabers. I want to do more dueling and see how the electronics hold up, again you really you can't beat the price if you looking for a low cost cosplay saber.

That "cheap" grill is a audio microphone cover. They are not cheap. Nice looking saber. Thanks for the correction. My cheap comment came from the cover not being part of the pommel as I have with my dueling saber and came from more from ignorance than anything else. Seems like about what you'd expect at the price point. Longevity of course is the real issue but we dont have much data on that yet.

Maybe post back in a few months if you can and let everyone know how it holds up to some light dueling and spinning. Hey, How's your Eco going now? Is it still properly working? What are your thoughts about it now? It still going strong. Haven't done much dueling with it but the sound is still loud and crisp.

It still has issues with the swing font which others have said is due to a busted accelerometer. Its last longer than a the grab bag saber I got from SF. The wiring on that one went out after I dropped it a few times. That's why I'm hesitant to do more with the Eco. Hahaha nice one. All good, I like discussing sabers with anyone.

I stopped down on buying more sabers since I don't have a lot of cash right now but I'm hoping to save up for a full feature CFX sabertrio. Also looked at a neopixel sabertrio but man they are pricey. Currently saving up for my first one.

I'm still deciding and I'm torn between getting an Ultrasabers lost-gray or a Sabertrio Aeryn. Guess I'll leave the deciding to future me in a few months. But if you're going to pay around the same price for either hilt, definitely go sabertrio.

The Sabertrio is a clear choice, but surely the ultrasabers is not much of a loss if i like the look, right? Especially since I loved the Clone Wars series. One of the reasons I say go with ST is because they use an internal chassis in their hilts that protects the electronics and keeps them in one place but again, you're money so go with whatever you like best.

I do agree though, I wish ST had more hilt variety. Have you looked custom builds for ST? I think they allow build requests. My speaker has come disconnected and has a tear in the actual speaker so it sometimes works but when it does, it's crackly.

But I like the sound of viridian though. And I have a novastar ancient saber font on my saberpike. Sounds So by now realized why people don't like SF soundcards. They don't sound as clear as they could, they definitely sound a little muffled or, as someone in another thread put it, sound as if recorded through a walkie-talkie. Swinging sounds don't match up that well to how you're swinging the saber and sounds aren't consistent.

Durability So far I've had a a couple of dueling sessions with it, mainly hitting another dueling saber as hard as I can to see how the sounds hold up but also to see how the speaker in the hilt behaves.

So far I'm not seeing any issues. Hey there, just stumbled across this thread and am deciding whether or not to buy one of these sabers, after 2 months how are you feeling about it? It's a nice saber for the price point. The leather wrap feels really great when twirling and messing with the saber. It's very bright and the sounds are very loud. The width of the hilt and size are perfect for my smaller hands and I love the blade it came with, 28 in with a pointed tip.

My issue with the saber is that the accelerometer is bad so there's a lot of swing sounds effects that are trigger at the slightest movement. It's not bad at first but it quickly becomes annoying especially because the sound is so loud. I saw the Eco line recently and was intrigued since it has sound effects. And eco sabers are cheap enough that I could actually buy myself and my girlfriend one. Still don't know if we'd duel and how often but having a saber would be fun.

Can't adjust the volume but you can mute them.

Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, Lighted AV switch, Voltage regulation, Violet Amethyst Main, Arctic Blue FoC, OBS v4 . He is going to buy an ultrasaber dominix dual blade but wants to know if. Saberforge offers more than 15 single blade color options and infinite color Yenz Maelstrom I really want an arctic blue, and a red blade, to show the duality of Custom Lightsaber Owners, SaberForge, ParkSabers, Ultrasabers, FX, JK, JQ Caleb Abraira But once you get a child, you can have duels with them that are. Feb 27, - Explore SaberForge's board "Saberforge Custom Saber Fan Saber Parts Lightsaber I have constructed my saber, and the crystal is Arctic Blue an innovative threaded blade tip that prevents tips from flying off while dueling. Saberforge Champion Tier ARBITER Saber Arctic Blue Star Wars Lightsaber Aircraft Aluminum Quad Cree 12W+ Arctic Blue LED Quick Connect Option to. Individuals who are looking to buy a lightsaber for themselves or their beloved Colors; 4. Dueling Ability; 5. Double-bladed Sabers; 6. Customer Service Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Sunriders Destiny, Fire Orange, Arctic Blue, and​.

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I got a Viridian sound font and a 12w+ Arctic Blue L.. me and my friend Jordan doing practice runs for a lightsaber duel we will eventually film. For instance, I can see that Deep blue and Arctic Blue are quite different. around the house talking about my lightsabers from saberforge that I couldn't I know from countless people that it is a bit awkward to duel with so I. Phoenix The Phoenix features a gorgeous shroud which accents beautifully with black main body. The dual bunny ears and black greeble provide additional. The hilt is slim, which is what I've enjoyed from my previous Saberforge dueling hilt, feels great in the hand, light and balanced even with the blade in. Nothing. ''Welcome to, home of the Z-Core System. We sell modular, COLOR-​CHANGING, duel-worthy lightsabers that feel great in the hand and look amazing​. Jan 7, - Purchase a Fallen custom lightsaber online at The custom Fallen lightsaber features a comfortable grip, four color options and. Saberforge the count stunt saber lightsaber read description ultrasabers $ (eBay) Ultrasabers manticore tri arctic blue lightsaber with premium sound Ultrasaber brand, duel grade, pyrestone orange, lightsaber, awesome! Ultrasabers sells some of the least expensive duel worthy lightsabers on the market. The cheapest Are Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers gone for good?! Ultrasabers Guardian Blue vs Arctic Blue blade color: How can you tell them apart? This is the latest lightsaber from Arctic Arsenal. Apprentice Sabers | Saberforge​.com – Saber Forge As long as I had a purple lightsaber I'm cool. This handmade, custom designed lightsaber is completely duel ready with full electronic fonts; Light Meat and Dark Meat sounds -Blue and White LED with flash-on-clash.Mar 17,  · I've done some more research and have come to a decision. I am planning on eventually getting a colour changing lightsaber from Vader's Vault, but at this moment, I want to buy the Ares from SaberForge. Ultrasabers make use of an emitter in the hilt of the saber in order to illuminate the blade. By placing a sturdy LED light in the hilt, damage can be avoided. They have 8 colors in their list: Violet Amethyst, Blazing Red, Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Sunriders Destiny, Fire Orange, Arctic Blue. There are 8 colors to choose from: Violet Amethyst, Blazing Red, Consular Green, Guardian Blue, Sunriders Destiny, Fire Orange, Arctic Blue, and Adegan Silver. The Blade. They offer single blade lightsabers . Saberforge Oracle hilt. Ultrasabers 6W Arctic Blue LED unit. 1x AAA battery sled. Saberforge Latching Switch (due to different switch sizes between SF and US) 32/36" UltraEdge Midgrade blade from US. .